Employee Engagement Projects

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Summer Internship Project Report On Designing Employee Engagement Initiatives Framework

Presented by Kumudini Manda MBA Core NMIMS


It is essential for an organization to sustain in the long run have an engaged workforce. An engaged workforce takes an organization to great heights. Engaged employees contribute to the bottom line. Employees feel engaged when they find personal meaning and motivation in their work, receive positive interpersonal support, and operate in an efficient work environment. An employee when engaged emotionally, cognitively and physically helps creating a great place to work. The engagement levels in the organization determine the enthusiasm of an employee to come to the work every single day. The more engaged the employee is, more is the likelihood of the organization to be a great place to work. Engagement is linked to three essential forces in the organization - Attrition, Productivity & Profitability. That essentially is the reason that today, all efforts are being made to make the employees feel that the organization cares for him and wants his success and growth. This organisation is no different and thus wanted to understand ways of creating employee delight for its employees. The 250 odd people strong company believed that the employee satisfaction levels needed to be taken to the next level. Taking the employee satisfaction survey as the base, the problem areas were identified. The project on designing an employee engagement framework was essentially formulated to address the gaps. Identifying employee engagement initiatives and having a control plan in place for the same were the primary objectives of the project. Employee delight and in turn a great place to work was thus essentially aimed at as an outcome of this project. Kumudini Manda


I take this opportunity with much pleasure to thank all the people who have helped me through the course of my journey towards producing this project report. I sincerely thank my project guide at the company for her constant guidance, help and motivation. I also express my gratitude to the other members of the HR Team for their assistance at every stage of my project. I would also like to acknowledge help from the corporate HR team for providing a platform for all the HR interns to carry out their projects with ease. I would like to thank all the participating companies in the external benchmarking process to study the best practices in employee engagement across organizations. It would not have been possible without the support I gratefully acknowledge support from my guide at college during my short stint at the organization. Lastly, the report completion would not have been possible without the encouragement and support from my family and friends. Mumbai 25th June, 2011 Kumudini Manda


It is not enough for HR today to perform its routine tasks. The rising importance of employee engagement across the spectrum of organizations has made them take notice and put it on their priority list. Employee engagement has been found to have a three way effect on Attrition, Productivity and Profitability of an organisation. Thus it was nothing but imperative for this organization to take employee engagement to the next level where in came my project. The objective of my project was to design an employee engagement framework for the organization. This included identifying employee engagement initiatives and keeping in place a control plan for its sustainability. The desired engagement spheres in employees are the psychological state engagement, behavioral state engagement and trait engagement. Simply put, an engaged employee is one who is emotionally, physically and cognitively attached to the organization. This further ensures the creation of a great place to work at. Employee engagement though being compelling on the surface, meaning of the concept is unclear. Hence my study involved firstly...
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