employee engagement

Topics: Employment, Unemployment, Emotion Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: April 11, 2014
Employee Engament overview :
Over the last decade the business world has shown significant interest in the concept of employee “engagement.” Identified as an internal state of being – physical, mental and emotional – employee engagement brings together concepts of work effort, organizational commitment, job satisfaction and optimal experience.

Organizations all over the world are increasingly focusing on employee engagement and for good reasons. Engaged employees make the office environment more welcoming. In addition, they make a difference to the bottom line and help companies win customers. In Europe, the economic crisis has resulted in mass layoffs and high unemployment rates that naturally create anxious workplace environments. The competitive job market has also forced people to stay longer in positions where they are unhappy and become idle (2013).

To this point, there is an urgent need for companies to improve employee engagement and this is something most executives have started to realize. Today, the influence that engaged employees have on business performance is undisputed.

Corporate leaders thus have a critical role. Companies that take the question seriously have to become better at finding inspiring and talented managers. Moreover, companies need to provide their middle managers with the means to support and encourage employees.

What motivates an employee is certainly different from person to person, depending on where they live and what industry they are in. Salary increases, incentives and rewards can play a massive part in the motivation and engagement of a workforce, especially if done correctly and with careful thought.

If you attract the right people and create corporate values that resonate well with your target group, stronger engagement will naturally follow. Companies need to understand what drives engagement, and choose the right combination of tools and management approaches which work best for them. These may be...
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