Employee Engagement

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1.1 Introduction- Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards their organization and its values. An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in, and is enthusiastic about, his or her work. Such employees are attracted to, and inspired, committed and fascinated by their work. The age old business dictum goes that ‘satisfied employees create satisfied customers’ by constantly striving for the best, contributing to the bottom line of the company success by their motivation and enhanced performance. It is believed that an engaged employee always acts positively in the interest of the company and takes unconcealed pride in the success and prosperity of his employer. The engaged employees and the organisations go that extra mile for each other realizing the benefits that flow through an investment in such a relationship.Thus, Employee engagement is a barometer that determines the association of a person with the organization.

1.2 Aspects of Employee Engagement
Three basic aspects of employee engagement according to the global studies are:-

The employees and their own unique psychological make up and experience The employers and their ability to create the conditions that promote employee engagement. Interaction between employees at all levels.

1.3 Importance of Employee Engagement
According to the former GE Chairman and CEO, Jack Welch, a company’s health is determined through its energized workforce who not only realizes the mission of the organisation but also make strenuous efforts to achieve it. Engagement is important for managers to cultivate given that disengagement or alienation is central to the problem of workers’ lack of commitment and motivation. An organization’s capacity to manage employee engagement is closely related to its ability to achieve high performance levels and superior business results. Some of the advantages of Engaged employees are

Engaged employees will stay with the company, be an advocate of the company and its products and services, and contribute to bottom line business success. They will normally perform better and are more motivated. There is a significant link between employee engagement and profitability. They form an emotional connection with the company. This impacts their attitude towards the company’s clients, and thereby improves customer satisfaction and service levels. It builds passion, commitment and alignment with the organization’s strategies and goals. Increases employees’ trust in the organization

Creates a sense of loyalty in a competitive environment
Provides a high-energy working environment
Boosts business growth
Makes the employees effective brand
1.4 Factors Leading to Employee Engagement-
Career Development- Opportunities for personal development Career Development – Effective Management of talent
Leadership- Clarity of company values
Leadership – Respectful treatment of employees
Leadership – Company’s standards of ethical behavior Empowerment
Equal opportunities & fair treatment
Performance Appraisal
Pay & benefits
Health & Safety
Job satisfaction
Family friendliness

1.5 How to measure Employee Engagement?

Step I: Listen

Step II: Measure current level of employee engagement
Knowing the Degree in which Employees Are Engaged? Step II1: - Identify the problem areas

Step IV: Taking action to improve employee engagement by acting upon the Problem areas

2. Objectives & Scope of the project

To understand the perception of employee engagement in service sector industry.  To measure the current level of employee engagement in service sector industry.  To understand the techniques used for employee engagement across the industry.  To suggest measures to improve perception of employee engagement among employees.

3. Research Methodology
The methodology to...

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