Employee Employer Relationship

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Effective HR Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Selected Company: Descon Engineering (Oil & Gas Sector)

Descon as an Employer clearly understands the importance of Human Capital Management and therefore people in HRM at Descon are professional who make sure that HR strategies must be aligned with the Organizational Strategies to achieve organizational goals. There must be a consistency and compatibility between HR strategies and other important aspects of the organization.

What is Strategy?
Strategy is a mind behind execution of organizational Objectives / Goals to beat the competition. What can be major HR Strategies??
For example:
* It may be to hire Best Human Capital.
* To have 90 percentile Compensation for the Employees or * It can be related to Performance Management, Training & Development, etc.

Organizational Strategies| HR Strategies| FIT (YES OR NO)|  |  |  |
To start executing EPC Projects (Currently Descon's main focus is E& C only) (EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement & Construction)| Initiate EPC vision to all Employees to change the mindset of people that Company is in a transition period from Engineering to an EPC Company.

To hire Best People available in the EPC Market. These people must have the experience of different aspects of EPC Business like Project Development / Project Execution / Engineering Managers with EPC background, etc.| YES| To get into the Procurement Business to

successfully run the EPC Projects as Procurement is the most important part of earning Profits in EPC Industry.| Internal Recruitment / Provide Training and Development to current Employees in the field of Procurement in Oil & Gas Sector.

Explicit Job Descriptions.

Detailed Work Planning.

Emphasis on Technical Qualification and skills.

Emphasis on Jon-specific Training.

External Recruitment.| YES|
Descon Engineering / Organization Strategies vs HR Strategies...
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