Employee Drain Problem of KMB

Topics: Closed-circuit television, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, The Epoch Times Pages: 1 (474 words) Published: November 5, 2014

Employee drain is a common problem that most of the companies in Hong Kong are facing, of course, included KMB. Actually, there are two main reasons: high working pressure and unfair treatment between full-time and part-time staff. As we all know, in each of the buses of KMB, a closed circuit television (CCTV) has been installed around the cockpit. At the same time, there is a conflict of different perception of motivation produced by this action. People’s behaviors are based on their perception of what reality is, not on reality itself. In this case, for the company’s side, they just think that installing the CCTV can help to proof the innocent of the drivers if there is a car incident. However, for the bus drivers, they will hold a totally different view: the usage of CCTV is to monitor the driving condition and check whether they have broken the rule or not. Besides, the punishment system may be too harsh. No matter how serious the accident is, if the driver has get into two accidents, the entire bonus will be collected and the drivers will also be fired. Just take my uncle as an example, he was a bus driver four years ago. At that time, he always got a good performance and was a responsible driver in the manager’s mind. Unfortunately, one time, as he wanted to avoid to crash with a dog, the car had been strike to the shoulder. In fact, the damage on the bus is not too critical. Nevertheless, the managers put the entire fault as his duty. Eventually, my uncle had “been resigned” due to this unacceptable reason. According to the article of The Epoch Times, about 36% of total 8,000 bus drivers are the full-time employee. With a regular working time table, each of them can get about $7,000 for their basic salary. After adding all the employee benefits KMB provided such as medical insurance, compensation for the industry injury and Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF), the actual monthly salary is about $11,000. However, for a part-time staff, if they can work as a...
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