Employee Career Management Plan - Hrm 531

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InterClean, Incorporated

Career Management Plan
For New Employees

* Career Development Plan Part III – Performance and Career Management
HRM 531/Week Four
July 26, 2010

Management has been tasked to develop a performance and management program that will provide new employees with resources to advancement opportunities with InterClean. Not only will the development of the Career Management Plan (CMP) provide a sense of job-security, but a sense of achievement and employee loyalty. Management has developed a CMP that will enhance the skills and knowledge for all employees of a diverse working environment through on-going feedback and development opportunities. Given the appropriate avenues to reach a higher level of performance, InterClean provides their employees with employment flexibility and the opportunity to advance within the company and within their career. Schaumburg, IL

Career Management plan
For new employees of interclean, incorporated
Career Management Overview
* A career management plan assesses where one is today, where one wants to be, and how to fill in the gaps to direct an employee where he or she wants to go. Career management plans considers the employee’s career interests and needs, current knowledge, current skills, and the priority balance between work and personal life activities. * This plan is to prepare and provide new employees with advance skills and developing knowledge for career advancement opportunities in the near and long-term future with InterClean. Initially, management will launch the plan’s process by providing various levels of feedback and opportunities to the employee.

Feedback and Opportunities
To gain positive feedback from employees, job descriptions and development must be appropriate for the person and the situation. Feedback is vital for people to know how they are progressing, and evaluation is crucial to the learner's confidence too (Rae, 2004-2010). Formal and informal feedback will support management and motivate employees, and provide constructive criticism for long-term improvement and development. Feedback methods will include: * Direct to individual

* Indirect through test scores/grading
* Individual to management
* Openly among peers
* Certificates of Achievement

Following feedback, there will be several opportunities for the employee to move forward within his or her career management plan. The employee will have the option to: * Discuss career options with management and human resources * Attend additional trainings and conferences * Inquire about relevant education

* Conduct on-the job training
* Job-shadow other employees
* Take on more responsibility
reaching a higher level of performance
Employee performance is essential to the potential career growth opportunities of InterClean. Management will assist the employee in reaching a higher level of performance through educating, hands-on training, feedback, and evaluation.

Management will support the employee’s endeavors in self-knowledge and formal education to meet the basic requirements for the position he or she is pursuing.
Management will encourage employee to attend all mandatory trainings and provide company information and external resources on additional training and seminars that will enhance skills and knowledge for InterClean’s career opportunities....
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