Employability of Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Forestry of the Aurora State College of Technology, Sy 1998 – 2006

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The Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) has been mandated to offer Forestry course since it opened its doors to its first batch of 300 freshmen on June 6, 1994. It is a ladderized curriculum wherein Diploma course was granted to those who have successfully completed the required courses in the second curricular year while Bachelor degree was granted to those who have successfully completed the required courses till its fourth curricular year. The first batch of graduates in the bachelor degree have shown commendable performance and mark up the College potential in this field when four (4) out of twelve (12) graduates who took the Forestry Licensure Examination in June 1999 were able to pass it. Thus, on August 6, 1999, the Department of Forestry and Environmental Science was officially created by virtue of Board of Trustees Resolution No. 271.

Every year, graduates took the licensure examination and some if not most passed it. This motivated the department head and its faculty to strengthen its course offering, manpower, resources, facilities and linkages. However, the location of the College campus wherein this course was offered contributed to decreasing enrollees every year.

In the current academic years, enrollees starting to boost its number hence their department was transferred in the main campus bringing a much easier access to the students. Changes in the student population were noted due to the change of location. This claim is just one of the possible causes of the occurrence of declining student population in the course for the past year. Yet, no one is certain to claim that it is really is it. This leads to an idea of making a tracer study to know the where about of the graduates and to generate a sufficient proof in claiming that graduates from this course have really an employment opportunity in the society. Or this is the lacking reason why enrollees for the past years declined.

Conceptual/Theoretical Framework

According to Manansala (2003), searching employment is a survival system therefore she claimed that educational attainment is necessary. For her, being a graduate is the best tool however she disclosed that the degree received is not important in finding a job but the graduates’ eagerness to find a job.

In this study, the researchers considered the employability of graduates in the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF) for the past nine (9) years as reflected by their ways of finding job, occupation, length of service, employment status, type of employer, employment destination, and monthly income. With the use of appropriate methodology, this information help the researchers ascertain the proportion of employed to unemployed graduates and be able to characterized the distinctions of employed graduates. Figure 1 shows the conceptual paradigm of the study.

On the other hand, related information to the graduates that include their personal profile in terms of year graduated, gender, civil status and present educational attainment, the respondents’ considerations on the reasons for not being employed, the learning competencies useful in their job or needed in finding job, and the problems encountered in employment or in finding job were also considered as supporting evidences to their employability. Suggestions to improve their course were also asked to solicit experiential information from them.

Employment Data

oways of finding job


olength of service

oemployment status

otype of employer

oemployment destination

omonthly income

ostatistical analysis


(proportion of employed over unemployed and their distinction of being employed)

Figure 1. The conceptual paradigm of the study

Statement of the Problem

This study attempted to determine the employability of BSF graduates from...
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