Employability and Communication

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Communication skills

Your manager wants you to highlight the importance of employing people with appropriate communication skills. In the leaflet include a summary page evaluating the advantages to the organisation of employing the right people to communicate information? Good communication skills are vital in any organisation. And yet this basic skill is often taken for granted. Effective Communication, Telephone and Email Skills, Effective Business Writing, Report Writing are all skills that are an important part of keeping and enticing customers. We spend 70% of our working lives in conversation - talking, on the telephone, in meetings and at conferences. This means that improving communication skills improves personal performance across the board! Presentation Skills

Presentation to clients, colleagues and suppliers are an opportunity to influence, motivate and excite them. Presentation Skills will give you all you need to convey your message with impact and confidence. Personal Impact

If you want to improve your personal effectiveness and portray a strong confident image, this means that you can Assert Yourself with Confidence, Making the Right Impact . Business relationships
Effective business relationships – both internal and external – rely on a customer focused and skilled workforce. Successful organisations recognise that if you ignore the need for well-trained staff you will quickly see your clients and staff slip away to your competitors. . Winning Business

It’s a competitive world out there. Whatever business you’re in you need to keep winning pitches if you’re to achieve your targets and make your business really fly. Communicate with confidence, clarity and impact can create lasting partnerships with your clients or improve co-operation and effectiveness within your team.

Face to face
Telephone conversations
Group discussions
Video conference
Team briefing
Lecture /talksLetters
Minutes from a meeting
Feedback forms
Graphs and charts
Appraisal forms
Magazines and news papers
Business cards
C.V ‘s
Cover letters
ReportsTelephone conversations
Face to face
Group discussions
Video conference
Team briefing
Lecture /talks
Tone and emotion when answering
Eye contact
Take notes
Give responses
Suitable tone/words/noises
Nodding and body language
1.Identify job vacancy H.R would take the lead
a.Somebody leaving the company
b.Expanding business
c.Promotion demotion
d.Extra staff needed
2.Draw up a job description
a.Task lists
c.Tasks and duties
d.End date (if only short term)
3.Draw up personal specifications (what is required to fill perCition) a.Qualification
b.Attributes if person to fill position
a.How t advertise (what form will the advert take )what will it look like b.where(news papers ,traders post job centre)
c.when to advertise the post
b.cover letters
c.application forms (to some that have sent cv s)
6.short listing
a.personal specifications
c.cover letters
a.suitability (do they meet the personal specifications
b.will they fit in (personality )
c.do they fill job specifications
8.selection and offering job (second interview if more than one potential candidate) a.letter of offer

a)Select a job role you would like to apply for in an organisation in order to help you to prepare the information requested by the human recourses manager. Sales Manager Permanent

We have a fantastic opportunity to join a high street fashion retailer which is regarded as one of the largest brands in the...

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