Empirical Formula

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Empirical Formula

Observations/Qualitative Data: I have used my sense to observe that the magnesium is a solid that is bendable, is very light and its color is silver. After being put in a Crucible covered by a lid, under a Bunsen burner for a few minutes, it has lit up and turned red. After the experiment was over, the magnesium was turned into an ash/powdery state and its color became white/grey. Data collection and Processing (DCP):

Quantitative Data: Weight in grams of the Magnesium before and after the experiment. Data table: The Magnesium’s mass before and after the experiment. Crucible weightCrucible's weight with MgMg's weight in gramsAfter experiment Trial 128.7128.810.128.86

Trial 228.6728.80.1328.85
Trial 328.6828.790.1128.84

To find Magnesium’s mass without the crucible: Mass of Crucible with Mg - Mass of Crucible without Mg = Mg’s mass. Trial 1: 28.81-28.71 = 0.10g.
Trial 2: 28.8-28.67 = 0.13g.
Trial 3: 28.8-28.69= 0.11g.
The average mass of the Magnesium that was used is 0.11 grams. To find the Oxygen’s mass that was in the experiment: Average Mass after experiment – Average Crucible’s weight with Mg = Mass of Oxygen. Average = 28.85 – 28.80 = 0.05g.

The average mass of Oxygen that was used is 0.05 grams.
To find the mass of Magnesium Oxide that was formed during the experiment: Average mass of Mg+ Average Mass of O2 = Mass of Magnesium Oxide 0.11g + 0.05g = 0.16g
The mass of Magnesium Oxide formed in this experiment is 0.16 grams.

Bar graph: The Magnesium’s increase in mass after the experiment.

The bar graph shows an increase of mass of the Magnesium after the experiment was finished and the reaction occurred.

Finding Magnesium Oxide’s Empirical Formula:
Compound: Magnesium Oxide = MgO2
Mg: Mass of Mg ∙ 1mol/Mg’s atomic mass = Moles in Mg
Mg: 0.11 ∙ 1mol/24.31g = 0.0045 moles
O2: Mass of O2 ∙ 1mol/O2’s atomic mass = Moles in O2
O2: 0.05g ∙...
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