Empire Og Light

Topics: Gnosticism, American films, Carl Weathers Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: December 2, 2012

A Novel by David Czuchlewski

Empire of Light or in Latin language it was call by Imperium Luminis is the story that told us about couples, Matt Kelly and Anna Barrett that have their own path and a lots of problem to resolved to be together. This novel started about news that Anna Barret was losing for the first time during Matt Kelly and his family dinner together. The news was come from Anna Barrett’s stepfather, Carl Barrett. Matt Kelly than found Anna Barrett the next day in front of their apartment and wanted to stay for two or three days, but Anna Barrett leave the house by the next morning when Matt Kelly going outside to bought some foods. Anna Barrett than send an email that she feel sorry toward Matt Kelly cause she think that her make some troubles to Matt Kelly. This novel continued by the life of Matt Kelly and Anna Barret in high school, at that time was the first time Matt Kelly heard the name of Imperium Luminis. Empire of Light. It was topic of paper work that given by Charles Slagle, the Jacqueline V. Suppe Professor of Religious Studies. Actually there are two paper work, “Justin the Gnostic”and “Imperium Luminis” that remaining, and got to be chosen by Matt Kelly and Anna Barrett. Then, Matt Kelly chosen “Justin of Gnostic” and “Imperium Luminis” chosen by Anna Barrett.

After finishing their high school, Anna Barrett work at Imperium Luminis, an organization dedicated to the proposition that you don’t need to be a priest or a nun to become closer to god. One day, Matt Kelly comes to the Imperium Luminis to see Anna Barrett and there is a man call himself as a Father Harrington bring Matt Kelly meet with Anna Barrett. When Matt Kelly saw Anna Barret he feel that she is really different compared to their looked during high school. They have a much talked about Imperium Luminis where the place that Anna Barret work for, until the bell rang to announced the workers to go back to their office....
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