Emperor Was Divine

Topics: World War II, Hawaii, United States Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Many may think that United States will be the land of opportunities and fairness. Several have spoken highly of America and excepted great freedom and righteous. Even many families had traveled far to be free in America and had left their countries for the better. Many have thought that they would never be treated as animals again. However, in the novel When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka, her story took place during the World War 2. The novel shows how American has changed their attitudes towards the Japanese because of the war. Ostuka’s family was separated from each other under the American’s investigation due to that they are Japanese Americans. The Japanese Americans lost all of their rights over the suspicious of Americans’ government and was treated as animals. In the novel, the mother, brother and sister were put in horrible internment camps along with other Japanese women and children; they were identified with no names but numbers. They were put in camps in deserts and food and water were a shortage. Their father was put somewhere unknown being torture until the war was over. In Ostuka’s novel, there are many injustices for the Japanese Americans; however, the main issue is their identity was not recognized as American citizens because of the mistreatment. Since the World War 2, people have denied the Japanese who have lived in United States for many years as Americans. No one had spoken for Japanese Americans who were punished for something that they have no involvement in. For instance in Ostuka’s novel When Emperor Was Divine she wrote that they have been in camp for three years and five months and they received only 25 dollar and questioned why not more? Later on they found out that 25 dollars were the same amount of money given to criminals who have done their time. (pg 117-118) The Japanese people have endurance so much and done no harm to anyone, yet they were treated as criminals. They should not...
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