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Emperor Taizong, Li shimin

Emperor Taizong was named Li Shimin. He was the second emperor of the Tang dynasty and he ruled Tang for 23 years from 626 to 649. He was a statesman, militarist,  and poet. He is considered as one of the greatest emperors in Chinese history. His name in Chinese means world and people. When he was young, a fortune teller said he would save the world. This is where his name Shimin comes from and it also indicates his life. In his early life he launched lots of wars to unify Tang Dynasty with his father. After Xuanwu Gate Incident he became the emperor and created Reign of Zhengguan. That was considered as a golden age of Chinese history, and Li Shimin became a model for the following emperors because he accepted lots of advises. He doesn’t waste money like other emperors does, he also decreased taxes to made people’s life happier, and he made peace between people who came from different regions. For outside he blazed glebe, broken East Tujue and rebuild Goryeo.

In 517, seeing that the Sui regime was nearly collapsed, Li Shimin encouraged and assisted his father in plotting the establishment of a new dynasty. After the war started in Jinyang by Li Yuan, he and his elder brother Li Jiancheng fought abreast with the Sui army. Not long afterwards, Li's army conquered the capital Chang'an. Then, Li Yuan proclaimed himself to be King of Tang. Li Shimin was given the title of Qin Wang (Duke of Qin) while Li Jiancheng was as entitled as Prince. ("Li Shimin - Emperor Taizong of China Tang Dynasty.”)

One of the important events during his life is Incident of Xuanwu gate. The Incident at Xuanwu Gate refers to an incident in July 2, 626, when Li Shimin was in an intense rivalry with his older brother Li Jiancheng the Crown Prince and fearing that Li Jiancheng was about to kill him, set an ambush at Xuanwu Gate, the gate leading to Emperor Gaozu's palace, and killed Li Jiancheng and a younger brother, Li Yuanji the Prince of Qi, who had...

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