Emperor Qin vs Emperor Hadrian

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By Dominic Sun

Emperor Qin vs. Emperor Hadrian:
Who kept control of their empire most effectively?

Qin Shi Huangdi; who became China’s first Emperor, and Emperor Hadrian, who was perhaps the Roman’s greatest Emperor, both tried to control their empires. They were both good commanders and they used various methods such as building roads for ease of travelling, training a strong army with clever military tactics, building frontiers to keep out invaders, divided their country into different states and introduced government systems with officials to look after the state and each head of official of the state would report back to the central government under the emperor. Qin’s methods were very harsh and cruel. If somebody broke a law, that person and many of his relatives would be executed. He burnt books that he didn’t agree with which oppose his government. Hadrian on the other hand, was kind and he gave rewards to people who did well. He got rid of old laws that were cruel such as masters killing slaves. He travelled around his empire to be with his people to see their problems. He made many different kinds of weapons and buildings and he even built houses for his people! In this paragraph, I think Qin was more effective in control because his laws were harsh and people lived in fear of him because his government was powerful. He conquered 7 kingdoms by 221BC which proved that he was a clever commander and strong leader.
Qin unified China for the first time. Many people think that Qin was fierce and he was more demanding and cruel to his people. He buried 460 scholars alive when he learnt that they were talking about his arrogance. He also burned books to prevent his people to think freely. However Qin was very aggressive which made the people in his empire work really hard which made China powerful and wealthy. Qin standardised one official written language throughout the country so when governments write reports, everyone can understand it. He also

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