Emperor's Club

Topics: Future, Time, Present Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: March 10, 2009
Living our lives requires a matter of perception. The way we look at things matter whenever we make decisions for ourselves. If we firmly believe that our past should not affect us in any way, then it would not. If we allow our past to forever haunt us, it surely will. But if we learn to let go of our “monsters” and just learn from the past, what we have now would be what we want it to be. Many of us are so busy living in the past that we neglect about our now. The present moment is to be savored and not lived haphazardly. We should never allow our past to fully define us nor should we “…let the past steal your present” because our present will help define our future.

And “Just as our present is the result of our past, so our future will be the result of our present. Every minute of every day we are weaving threads that will make the cloth of future.” How we let the past affects us matters as to what the future brings. We cannot fully control what will happen in the future nor can we totally be in command to the things that will only be coming. But a huge portion of what’s going to happen relies on the way we handle our present. Much of what our future brings depends on how much we let our past made an impact in our lives.

To fully explain my point, let us examine the movie, “The Emperor’s Club”. It is a movie starring Kevin Kline as Professor William Hundert of St. Benedict’s School for Boys. It is a story about a dedicated Western Civilization teacher who has hoped that he could make a dent by imbibing his virtues and principles to his students. It takes place in two eras, the present and earlier in the century. Sedgewick Bell also has a share of his own mishaps. He is a cocky son of a senior senator who is clearly very much uninterested in his son’s character development. Bell’s upbringing affected him negatively that he shares none of Hundert’s principles. Obviously, a fierce battle of wills takes place between the two. Lastly, the future lies on...
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