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Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Psychology Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: May 30, 2014
Emotions are personal experiences that are hard wired into every single human being on the planet. Yet, somehow people seem to have little control over them. After studying all the different kinds of emotions people can feel, I did a three day inventory of the emotions I experienced. In this paper, I will discuss how hard or easy it is to identify emotions and the methods I used to identify my emotions. I will analyze the types of emotions I felt and whether they were primary or secondary. Were they the typical emotions I experience every day? Do I give in to any emotional fallacies? How freely I express my emotions and what I have learned from doing this exercise. During the three day inventory, I sometimes had a hard time identifying the emotion I was feeling. I often had to refer back to the list of different emotions. While I looked at the list of emotions, I tried to think about what I was feeling physiologically during that time. I examined my actions nonverbally and then cognitively I put a label on the emotion. For example, on the first day of my inventory I got woken up before eight in the morning by uncertain noises coming from my bathroom. When I opened the door to the bathroom, I found both of my kids laughing and splashing in the toilet using a toilet brush. The first emotion I realized I felt at the time was annoyance that somebody woke me up so early. I recognized that due to cognitive interpretation. The second emotion I felt after opening the door to the bathroom was anger at my kids for playing in my bathroom even though they know better. I cognitively new it was anger because nonverbally I raised my voice, physiologically my heart rate and breathing increased, and after I punished them I realized my hands were shaking. All of those signs led me to believe that I was annoyed and angry.

Within three days I experienced eleven different emotions. Five of those emotions were primary and six of the emotions were secondary. Determination, one of...
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