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Emotions and Moods
Emotions are directed to specific person or event, short lived, numerous in nature(anger, fear,..) Accompanied by facial expression. Action oriented in nature. Moods, arise without stimulus ,last longer, +ve/-ve, cognitive in nature

Affect can be experienced with emotions and moods.

Rene (wonder,love, hatred, desire, joy,sad) all other are species of these emotions. Emotion we experience could be different form how we show it. US & UAE smile is link to happiness but in UAE smile may mean sex. Collectivist countries Japan, china treat emotions innate to relationship between the groups , Individualistic countries think emotions are not directed to them.

Common emotions : anger, fear,sadness,happiness, disgust, surprise. Happiness is confused with surprise. Love is difficult to convey in facial expression.

Positive emotions (joy and gratitude) and negative emotions (anger guilt) . neutral state is non emotional. So if we group +ve and -ve emotions they become your moods. Surprise can not be put in model coz its not clear. High +ve effect in mood structure will relate to excitement. As same high –ve effect can be related to nervousness, tense. And some hybrid emotions, contentment mixture of high +ve and low negative (serene, relaxed). So these effects color our perceptions which becomes reality and behaviour. Air hostess example, Negative emotions -> negative mood . Negative experiences are fast to recollect. Positivity offset if zero input mostly people feel positive mood. China has less of positive and negative emotions . pride is good in US but no in china.

Emotions help you to make rational decisions, brain injury people making irrational decisions. Thinking + feeling = rational decisions.

Sources of emotions and moods
1.Personality : ms dhoni and harbhajan singh shows different affect intensity 2.Time and day : +ve at end of week , negative at Sundays, in intra day positive mood peaks during the middle part...
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