Emotional Toll of Drug Addiction

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Substance abuse Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: April 18, 2013
The emotional toll of drug addiction

I have been married to my husband for almost 5 years. He is a crack addict. This is one of the most challenging issues, I'll ever face. He is a good provider, when he doesnt waste his paycheck on drugs. His addiction, spills over into other aspects of our marriage, because he will lie and/or manipulate to use. I unknowingly have become an enabler. He says he wants to stop, but the truth is, he is not ready yet. He refuses to go into treatment and his addiction has gotten worse, over the last few months. My heart is broken into a million pieces because I am crazy stupid in love with him. My brain tells me to leave him and go on with my life. But, my heart tells me I dont want to live my life without him. Truely, I'm torn. Without a doubt, this man is my soul mate and best friend. We have extrodinary love for each other, which makes this so hard for me. It's a big one, but this is the only problem we have in our marriage.The day may come, when I throw my hands up and say, "that's it, I'm done". But, today is not that day. Most times, I feel weak and stupid for staying. I want to save him, because I think his life is worth saving. What I'm looking for really, is a sisterhood of support. I cant do this by myself!!!! This is not a subject that one can speak freely with, to family or friends. The weight of his addiction weighs heavy on my shoulders. I have always been a strong woman, but when it comes to this man, I am very weak (Circle of moms, Michelle). Drug addiction effects every aspect of a relationship, marriage and family and it is a problem that get’s swept under the rug all to often.

Addiction is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. Addictions can include, but are not limited to, drug abuse, exercise addiction, sexual addiction and gambling. Classic hallmarks of addiction include impaired control over...
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