emotional quotient

Topics: Emotion, Argumentative, Collegiality Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Q No.1 You have been denied a promotion by the management for which you were elligible. Moreover, one of your junior has been promoted. You are emotionally upset and feel frustated. What will you do? Talk it over with your boss and ask for reconsideration of the management's decision. Start abusing the colleagues who superseded you.

Move the court and obtain a stay order to get justice. Identify your shortcomings and try to improve your performance.

Q No.2 A freshly recruited professional graduate joins your organisation as a management trainee.After a few weeks,she complains to you that she was not being taken seriously by her subordinates.What will you suggest her? Ask her to handle the situation herself and not bother you with trivial matters. Tell her that such behaviour should be ignored.

Ask her to be bold, face the challenge and overcome the problem. Empathise with her and help her figure out ways to get others to work with her.

Q No.3 At the workplace, due to some misunderstanding, your colleeagues stop talking to you.You are convinced that their was no fault of yours. How will you reacet? Wait till they come and start talking to you again.

Take the initiative,go forward and start talking to them. Let things take their own time to improve.
Ask someone to mediate.

Q No.4 You get into an argument with your colleague and end up attacking him/her personally. Later you realise that you never intended to tarnish the image of your colleague.How will you handle such an ugly situation? Sit calmly and consider what triggered off the arguments, if it was possible to control your anger at that point of time. Avoid future arguments and leave the room.

Aplologise to your colleague for your behaviour.
Countinue with the argument till you reach some definite conclusion. Q No.5 Imagine you are an insurance salesperson selling insurance policies. You approach a...
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