emotional design

Topics: Design, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: December 4, 2013
In the course the meaning of consumption in contemporary consumer society is opened and alternative ways to design for sustainable consumption is presented. Student learns the principles of holistic understanding of sustainable design and emotional durable design. The course also presents how to use emotions in design and how to collect data from consumer. In Design experimentation the collected data will be used to create emotional durable design cases.

Learning outcomes
After passing the course, a student understands the emotional level of consumption and how to design for deeper person-product relations. Furthermore a student understands, in what kind of applications the results obtained can be used. A student passing the course can solve tasks in human-centered sustainable design and how to collect and use human-centered data in design cases.

Open lectures, themes are:
-Sustainable design, Redirective design for sustainable consumption, PSS for design with evolutionary soul -Emotional durable design, Person-product attachments and Product satisfaction -Design and emotions, Empathic design

-Design and nostalgia
-How to collect information from consumer
-Design experimentations with emotions

Emotional durable design/ Open lectures Classroom 6087
Kirsi Niinimäki, visiting lectures
Lectures 3 credits, open for all
6.2. at 9.00-15.30
•9.00-10.30 Kirsi Niinimäki: Presentation of the course
•10.30-12.00 Cosette Armstrong: Person-product relationship •13.00-15.00 Sari Kujala: Human centered methods
•15.00-15.30 course task

13.2. at 9.00-12.00
•9.00-10.30 Lutz Gegner: Design & Emotion
•10.30-12.00 Cosette Armstrong: Person-product temporality, Designing for evolutionary soul •13.00 each students; presenting collected data

20.2. at 9.00-12.00
•9.00-10.30 Jong-Joo Lee: Empathic co-design
•10.30-12.00 Haian Xue: Design and Nostalgia

27.2. at 9.00-13.30
•9.00-10.30 Kirsi Niinimäki: Product satisfaction
•9.45-10.30 Anja-Lisa...
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