Emotional Branding

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Emotional branding:

Emotional branding is a rather new marketing approach. The marketers try to get into the mind of the customer to built up a long lasting relationship and enhance loyalty. Furthermore, emotional marketing is conceptualized to provoke certain feelings of the customer. Many companies use emotional marketing to advertise to certain demographics.

Therefore the strategy of emotional marketing is to stress a strong psychological connection instead of emphasizing certain product attributes. Especially because emotional marketers believe that customers who buy only because of product attributes are not loyal and moreover, they could easily shift to the competitor. On the other side emotional marketing might also be a good approach to make customers shift from competitors to ones own company.

Means of emotional branding are certain attributes within advertisements. For instance colours, music songs, paintings, symbols and everything else which might trigger certain feelings.

There are many examples who applied emotional branding perfectly, such as Prokter and Gamble with many of their wellness products, Coca Cola and many other organizations. Another important aspect is to be persistent in pursuing this strategy because it might last a bit longer to trigger certain feelings of customers and furthermore, it is important to keep on track. That means advertisements should consistently transmit the same message.

However, to be a bit critical I have to point out that the appliance of this strategy might not be suitable for every customer and every company. For example in b2b business it is not recommendable to focus primarily on feelings of the customer because mostly it will be negotiated with a whole buying center and their might be many rational characters who require facts and product data. On the other hand emotional branding in b2b can give you an additional competitive advantage if the customer is satisfied with the data of your...
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