Emotional Branding

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Consumer theory Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: October 20, 2012
The world nowadays have moved from an industrially driven economy in which firms rely on existing equipment towards a consumer based economy where more and more firms are focusing on its connection to consumers.In this hypercompetitive marketplace where goods or services alone are no longer enough to attract a new market or even to maintain existing markets or client.Only this goods or service that has emotional aspect can influence consumers’ ultimate choice and the price they will pay. Just like Klein(2002)said the product that will flourish in the future will be the ones presented not as ‘commodities’ but as concepts;the brand as experience,as lifestyle. One of the most important techniques to create emotional aspect is to create brand value through media. As the development of the new media the influence of brand in consumer culture has increased worldwide,not only in terms of their behaviour but changes of their psychology.This essay focus on the effect of the brand on consumer culture.

1 trust and loyalty

Brand can be created through media to achieve consumer’s trust in the absence of the formal relationship between consumers and producers.The reason why the brand can generally created though media is that people can recall some of the product information from it which will in return generate positive effect on purchasing goods. In general,brand awareness let products seems much more valuable and more likely to create loyalty between customers.For instance,a survey investigated by economists in America showing that nostalgia, plays an important role in consumers' relationships with a particular brand. Some 36% of respondents indicated that they currently use a particular product because their family had used it for a long time(Lake,L,2009,website)Through the keen brand competition,consumers have more opportunities to know details about products through various ways such as internet,TV,newspapers and radio as their companies try to...
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