Emotion in the workplace

Topics: Emotion / Pages: 3 (1061 words) / Published: May 27th, 2015
Emotion in the workplace: The New Challenge for Managers Emotional Intelligence, In recent years, have become something of a hot topic in management. According to the authors, the aim of this article is to acquaint managers with intruiging new research that examines both emotional intelligence and the broader issue of emotion, which has shown to play a powerful role in workplace setting. The authors opened the article with a scenario concerning an employee, which unfortunately, probably presents a snapshot of an all-too familiar day at work for many of us, with its typical frustrations and daily hassles. Most people can recall a similarly hassled day and the effect that it had on them. The authors opened their discussion with an introduction to Affective Events Theory (AET). In this model, the nature of the job and any requirements for emotional labor affect behavior and work attitudes, but most importantly, they result in work events. Emotional states are seen to lie at at the core of attitude formation and employee behavior in organizations, it is the mundane, everyday events exeperienced by people that influence the way we think in reference to our jobs. The sort of hassles that generate negative emotions include interactions with supervisors, peers, subordinates and customers. They can occur both within and outside the organizational setting. Now they have identified an issue regarding emotions in the workplace, it is what they call emotional labor, it refers to managing emotions in the service of one’s job. Customer perceptions of service and of employee attitudes are crucial, when employees are seen by customers to be rude, or they behave inappropriately towards customers, an organization can lose in many ways. Not only may a direct sale may be lost, but future revenue from both the offended customer as well as everyone she convinces to avoid patronage could also be lost. Emotional labor can be particularly detrimental to the employee performing the

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