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Emotion and Observation Took Place

By dajanik Dec 03, 2013 332 Words
I want to talk about eight months old toddler. His name is Hrach. At this age he is show a wider emotional range and stronger preferences for familiar people. Most he is showing: •Express several clearly differentiated emotions

Distinguish friends from strangers
Respond actively to language and gestures
Show displeasure at the loss of a toy
He has very good muscle development. Toddler has strong legs and hands. He is very controlled. He is able to walk by the help of the stroller and grabbed everything on his way. Will is still unable to talk but He was doing baby talk. He has mastered many life skills. He understands the concept of sharing. Also when he wants to show you that he loves you he will bend down and touch you with his head. His mom and dad say he is giving love. He was smiling when he is happy and frowning when he is sad. He is very emotionally attached to his parents . Toddler has normal body size like his age. After birth child is nourished by the mother's milk until now. But know they are giving him water, soup and fruit. Then he is feting with breast milk he wants to have all his mother attention. When is not getting it he is starting to bite his mother breast. When he sees his favorite people begin to smile. He is able to show what he is feeling in that moment. He doesn’t like to sit for a long time. He has to be constantly moving.

Observation #1 (toddler):
Name: Hrach
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
General Description: Hrach is an eight months old white male with blonde hair and brown eyes. He is normal for his age and he lives with his father and mother. Where Observation Took Place: The observation took place at Hrach’s house. When Observation Took Place: The observation took place on November 1st at about 3:30. Others Present: His father and mother where both present.

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