Emotion and Nearest Poor Relief

Topics: Emotion, Poverty, Psychology Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: March 13, 2006
Jeremias E Acosta
Introduction to Human Services
Case Study: Susan
Human Service Model

Susan emotional sets of mind are stress, frustration, depression, and unhappiness. Susan is emotionally stressed due to fact her marriage ended in a violent divorce with Ted. Also fourteen year old Matthew has a job and as the result is affecting his performance in school and does not plan to attend college. Justin has developed emotional and behavioral he is failing all of is classes in fact his as escaladed to point he has used and sold narcoses within school and home premises. Susan also feels frustrated about her financial difficulty ranging from groceries to medical and utilities bills.

The client Susan, major current problem is her financial difficulty with maintaining her personal level of living. Ted child support payments are not stable and his insurance do not cover Justin correctional treatment in a private residential hospital and Justin medical bills totals up to 80,000. Susan low income makes it defaults to buy groceries and pay utilities bills. Susan financial problems are becoming over whelming and due to the fact she is feeling helpless and depress. Susan alternatives are to contact her family for financial assistance in living and for emotional support and contact her nearest poor relief services group.

Susan needs to contact her nearest poor relief services group in order to help her with food supply for the next month while her case for medciad and temporay public welfare assistance is processing. Susan would have to under go weekly visit for counseling for her mild depression. Susan would also need to enroll in a full service school program in order to return and complete her teaching degree in education. Susan case would be under continuum of care due to the fact her ex-husband and children are closely related to her social, environmental, and financial problems.

Through the Medical Mode Susan and her family would under...
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