Emo Subculture

Topics: Emo, Indie rock, Hardcore punk Pages: 5 (1666 words) Published: March 27, 2013
The Emo subculture consists of two distinct groups. The Emo Subculture The term "Emo" that is now applied to individuals originated as short hand for "Emotional music" Traditional Emo Sub-Culture This "emotional music" draws from a broad range of contemporary genres linked with the common consistent themes of emotionally vivid views often associated with adolescence. For many youths of the mid-80s this music functioned as a safe-haven for emotional expression. Over time a subculture was formed around this mutual appreciation and in turn became a safe-haven where youths could freely express themselves while facilitating social interactions and identity formation for these introspective people. From this sprang the Emo subculture that rejected the mainstream in favor of independent performances. Additionally this culture allowed individuals to express their societal views with like minded people, creating the activist stance they are known for today. As the popularity of the Emo movement grew it became much more accessible to the mainstream industry. Modern Emo Subculture As a result a re-invention of the music and culture was spawned and became the Modern Emo Subculture. While sharing many traits with the traditional Emo this new subculture embraced the mainstream direction of the Emo-music. In time the modern Emo would drift further from it's origins and the previously extreme individualism and non-conformist outlook was replaced with the familiar features of a Trend. This change in outlook paved the way for the signature style Emos are known for today as fans of popular Emo bands began to emulate their idols in both dress and style. The modern day Emo has ironically become heavily influenced by mainstream media and popular figures Emo Influences The Seven P's Marketing to Emos The product we are offering is a clothing range suited to the Emo culture. Product Our product will be differentiated from our competitors in a variety of ways. Our primary method of differentiation will be through the careful establishment of specific product affiliation to key Emo cultural figures and rallying points. We have targeted our approach in this manner to make efficient use of the insular nature of this subculture, making endorsements and sponsorships significantly more effective then those of more traditional consumer bases. The products we offer will also be recognised and differentiated by design. Our products will incorporate patches and logos with popular political, socio-economic and human interest messages much in the same way that many other clothing lines promote bands and groups. It is our belief that the Emo subculture will respond well to the clothing styles with which they are familiar, coupled with the opportunity to express their beliefs and individualism. The price management of the product will be integral to the success of this project Price Entering the Market Place We plan to enter the market in a less traditional manner in order to take advantage of The Emo's specific traits In the initial stages of our entry to the market we will be undertaking projects to distribute our products at Indie rock music festivals. In particular targeting specific "up and coming" independent bands and groups Through this we believe we will be able to achieve some portion of the fans devotion to these groups securing customer loyalty while simultaneously achieving our primary goal of brand affiliation. In tandem with this approach we will be selling our products in our own online stores Only after completing our initial placement will our products be offered in retail stores We make this decision with the belief that this approach will generate a sense of exclusivity and hype within the Emo subculture to appeal to the individual nature of our consumer base We are confident that this can be facilitated through the use of social networking sites, in which the Emo subculture is highly active. Promotion is one of the cornerstones of our...
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