Emma Clueless Comparison

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Working class Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: February 28, 2014
question: in what ways has the comparative nature of this elective enhanced your understanding of the societal values and attitudes represented in Emma and Clueless.

In The transformation of Emma to a modern film, the values of the composers’ societies are critiqued. Through a omniscient third person point of view, Jane Austen reveals expectations of marriage, the rigid class structure and etiquette and manner. Amy Heckerling’s modern interpretation, Clueless, however satirises a society based on consumerism, teenage lifestyle and peer relationships. The comparison of the two text enhances the understandings in the attitudes towards the societal values of the 19th and 20th Century.

Importances in physical appearance and consumerism of the 20th Century differs in the values of the personality of Emma’s time. Austen’s novel lacked description of a person’s physical appearance and are limited to provide general impressions. The only description of Emma was “handsome” which reveals the authors intention for the audience to focus on emotional states of character versus physical appearance. Similarly the only mentioned shop was Ford’s in which all the characters shopped at. Again, the lack of descriptive detail on consumerism in the 19th Century illustrates a lack of importance for goods. This shapes our understanding of the society’s values towards unimportance material goods.

The opening scene of Clueless helps depict a sense of a teenage lifestyle through the character of Cher. Music such as “Kids in America” running in the introduction aids the values of fashion, consumerism and peers. The point of view camera angle of Cher picking an outfit using the latest technology indicates her consciousness of her full outer attire, which shows importance of image,satirising the shallowness of judging a person by physical appearance. Heckerling’s teen pic also highlights the value of material goods, through the depiction of designer brands. The dialogue between...
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