Emirates Introduction

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Emirates Airline is considered a major airline in the Middle East. It operates approximately 2,200 flights weekly across Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (Doganis, 2002). Its headquarters are conveniently located in Dubai where most of it flights are coordinated. Emirates Airline is also known to operate one of the longest flights in the world. Emirates Airline is part of the Emirates Group. The airline is owned by the Dubai government, one of the countries within the United Arab Emirates group. The Emirates Airline was established in 1985 following the collapse of the Gulf Air. The firm faces several hurdles in the airline market including the entry of new airlines which threaten to slice its market share into several facets. Emirates Airline has operated its airlines in the Asian region for the past 23 years, earning a good reputation and winning many flight and airline awards. The Emirates Airline commands up to 39% of the market share (Doganis, 2002). Emirates Airline has been largely successful due to its competitive pricing strategies that it uses successfully against its competitors. The company has maintained a world class flight operation as well as introduced cheaper long haul flights that are highly profitable. The airline has experienced the largest growth in the Asian airlines market. The company's long haul flight services have threatened to dominate Singapore Airlines due to the adverse nature of Singapore Airlines to introduce flights into the 'risk' prone areas of the Middle East. Long haul flights have proven not only to be fuel efficient but also time saving for the passengers who have found more efficiency as they can be able to do other activities after their flights (Kleymann & Seristo, 2004).

(see appendix 1)

- Marketing Penetration (Improving In-fight Service)

Business focuses on selling existing products to existing markets drives growth strategy for Market Penetration.

1) Retain and boost market share of Emirate airlines product and services.

2) Protect market dominance of Emirates airlines existing markets.

3) Driving out competitors by restructuring mature market.

4) Enhance usage of existing passengers.

Tele-communication is essential element in everyone daily life, in order to enabling passengers to make voice and data call over aircraft’s telecom system, Emirates would like to add communication while on the airplane, it would be very good service for the business passengers. Currently, Emirates have an expensive telecommunications method to make voice call and Internet, passenger’s mobile phone should be beam signal to the ground satellite system and from Immarsat, which is already installed on most of the Emirate airplanes.

- Marketing Development (Extending New Routes)

Due to the number of services is increasing into new markets where company seeks to sell their product to new areas so, the launching existing services to new area or new market segments is a possible way to achieve this strategy.

The objective of Emirates airline is building up Dubai into a popular aviation centre that will finally serve as an important universal long haul hub. It provides an alternative to the traditional European airline hubs as Heathrow Airport (London), Charles De Gaulle (Paris) and Schiphol (Amsterdam). The airline heavily promotes Dubai as a destination, offering reduced hotel rates as well as insight to event like the Dubai shopping Festival that hope to attract more travelers to the city. In order to improving the number of tourism, Emirates airline add new route and destination especially in UAE tourism.

Due to the airline managed road shows and press convention to announce its entry to new city, these event allow travel agents, tour operators and local airline personnel in contact and gain information about Emirates’ new routes, holiday packages and other promotion that can give a advantage for the airline.

After performing a new route to the country’s...
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