Emirates Culture

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Emirates culture is sharing many aspects of culture with their neighbors Arab Countries such as Oman, KSA and Qatar. Nowadays, Emiratis culture is threated by many reasons. This essay outline the resins and present solution.

The emirate culture aspects such as dresses food habit, language and religion are threatened to be lost because of many things. Many families brining house maids to help share care taking of children in a house. Most house maids have foreign culture and that is leading to make a child confused because he/she don’t know emirate culture very good and in same time there are another introduced to him/her by house maid. That thing leads to make the child language and religion very weak. Nowadays, emirate community is very open to other countries’ community because of the huge number of foreign laborws that working in UAE. Also, there is a lot of tourism in UAE. This opening if it is not associated with saving culture, our culture will be lost. For example, in our culture men should wear Dishdasha and women wear Abaya. But in these days some of them are wearing jeans instead of our traditional clothes which is Dishdasha and Abaya. That thing happens because our culture becomes weak. Also, food habit is changed. In the past fathers ate dates, yogurt and rice with right hand. But, now they prefer to eat junk foods and eating with spoons.

There are many ways to solve these problems and save our culture. Firstly, government should aware emerite people about their culture and how to protect it by using advertisement, TV programs and aware students in school of the important of our culture. Secondly, government should reduce the number of foreign labors. Government did a very good thing by Twteen Program Twteen program is about make only citizen people work in local works.

Lastly, parents are playing a big role informing and introducing emirate culture to children and aware them about the importance of saving our culture. The emirate culture...
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