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1.1 Aim
It is vital to review the progress of business, particularly in a circumstance of rapidly changing contexts. In this regard, there are core attempts that International management needs to do in reviewing business performance. In order to respond to change effectively, the company must access its efficiency in current development direction. They need to identify their competitive advantages, position themselves and find out how competitive they are in the marketplace. As a result, management must redefine their business goals and set new strategic objectives to sustain as a Global leader in a dynamic environment. 1.2 Scope

This report uses, The Emergence & Rise and Rise of Emirates Airline As a Global airline using the Emirates Airline case study. 1.3 Company Background
Emirates started in 1980s as a small corporation but with big dream. In the start they reduced their services to Dubai. Emirate’s is a government own company and started off with the capital of $10 million; they started off with two planes both of them were leased from Pakistan international Airlines. It was established after Gulf Air, a regional airline then owned by Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Tim Clark, the president of emirates, says that his airline represents the future of mass air travel. In the time economic downfall when all companies were struggling to sustain themselves, even at that time Emirates was well enough to attract customer, raised fares and consistently turned a profits. Emirates earned $925 million his last six months, which was raised up from $205 million in the previous year. To attract and sustain their customer they have put glamour in their planes, notable innovations included the introduction of in-flight personal video systems for passengers in all classes, telecommunications in all three classes and an in-flight fax facility. Emirates also acquired an exclusive-use terminal In Dubai airport. From its humblest startup, Emirates flew its first routes out of Dubai with just two aircraft—a leased Boeing 737 and Airbus 300 B4 in 1985 (Stanik, Smith, Erakovic, 2007). Emirates pursues its focused differentiation in a legacy airline of luxury, hi-tech, excellent quality. It has been successful and is now the Gulf’s largest carrier, one of the world’s five best airlines, and expects to become the world’s largest airline by 2015 (Hugh, 2007). Emirates one of the leading airline of the world having 15 A380s alone and expecting to add 75 more is the most successful airline. Has grown into the world’s largest airline by passenger miles flown. The reasons for its success are the competitive advantage of low cost and high quality enabled Emirates to become the leader. According to the competitors the success of Emirates is because of the support of the rulers of Dubai but Emirates do not accept this claim and they believe Emirates is a separate business unit. Until 2009 Dubai was the largest and most prosperous emirate under the UAE. However the financial crunch that led to Dubai’s bankruptcy and heavy debt has affected all nationally owned companies. The Emirates airline is no exception....

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