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Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive Summary
Due to the flourishing financial success and the ability to triumph over competitors, while maintaining a prestigious reputation by operating socially responsibly, collaborating with other multinational companies and the sponsorship of events evinces Emirates airline unequivocally has one of the best marketing strategies in the industry today. In addition, more effective research is being utilised by the company to improve knowledge regarding consumer and competitor behaviour, as well as internal organisational behaviour. This has aided deducing what strategies work best, when. Since there is always room for improvement, Emirates can take certain actions to further enhance success. This report aims to explore the organisational background, from a general overview to a more detailed examination, giving the reader an in depth understanding on Emirates Airline and the market it operates in. Furthermore, it will shed light on the company’s mission and goals, situation, competitor, performance and market analysis in terms of revenue, profitability of the market, and the organisational objectives. Added to that, with the help of the SWOT and PEST analysis, the market segments, target markets, selected and alternative market strategies, expense budget and sales forecast will be examined exhaustively. The reader will also fully understand the market size, market mix, decision processes, value drivers, as well as the top competitors such as Lufthansa and Qatar airways. Ultimately, the reasons behind strategic plans, choices and actions will be linked easily to the achievements the company has enjoyed. Emirates has to realise being constantly included among the top airlines in the industry, there is an important competitor; the company itself. Emirates Airlines must not only aim to beat competitors but strive to outperform itself. In other words incorporate innovative initiatives that will better the company. In order to go beyond the present zenith, marketers must be willing to overcome outdated vices, thus embracing novelties. This can be done by implementing defensive rather than offensive strategies due to the aggressive competitive nature of the industry. Investing in technological advancements and mobile and internet aviation applications in untapped markets increase efficiency and reduce labour costs. Moreover, incorporating tactical CRM strategies and adopting new human resource management styles will be greatly advantageous to the company.

2.0 Company Description
Based in Dubai, Emirates airlines is one of the largest aviation service providers in the Middle East, as well as the world. Like any other multinational company, Emirates was founded with humble beginnings, possessing only two aircrafts and a startup capital of US$10 million in March 1985. Full operations commenced in October that same year, flying its first routes out of Dubai. In subsequent years, the company was among the world’s fastest growing airlines as they experienced substantial growth in fleet size, workforce, quality and revenue, while dramatically increasing the number of destinations. This is the reason the luxury airline is continuously included among the world’s leading airlines. Additionally, Emirates has received more than 200 international awards for excellent services and outstanding standards. However, the success of Emirates was not conceived overnight. With key people such as the chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum being driving forces behind the company’s success, Emirates has become a subsidiary of the Emirates Group. This group comprises Emirates airline itself as well as...

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