Eminem Biography

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Eminem’s Biography
Just by reading his name people should know immediately who Eminem is. But for those people who ignore it, here are some important facts about his life and career. Eminem is the first and most famous white rapper since the Beastie Boys. He has been ranked as number 82 in “The immortals”, an important list of “Rolling Stones” magazine. His pseudonym “Eminem” comes from the initials of his real name: Marshal Bruce Mathers III.

Eminem was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He never had a stable place to live until he finally settled down in Detroit at the age of 12. He grew up into a very poor family. His father left them and disappeared right after he was born, but when Eminem started to appear on the big screen his father called him asking for money. (He hates his father). Eminem was brought up by his mother, Debbie Nelson, with whom he never had a good relationship because of her addiction problems. (He also hates his mother). The lack of love during his childhood has caused him problems keeping stable relationships with other people. For example, he has been married and divorced twice with the same person, Kimberly Scott, with whom he had one beautiful daughter. He’s currently single.

One of the persons that influenced him the most was his uncle Ronnie. Eminem was very close to him and he was the one who introduced him to hip-hop music. Unfortunately, Ronnie killed himself because of a breakup with his girlfriend. This tragedy impacted Eminem in an important way, because Ronnie was one of the few persons he’d really relied on. Eminem got interested in hip hop while he was in high school. He used to record rap tapes with Ronnie and participate in free style battles at the age of 14. He left the school after failing 9th grade twice. After participating in several rap battles he joined a group called Bassmint, this was the beginning of his great success. The main fact that marked his career was when he started to work with Dr. Dre, the...
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