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Bradis McGriff
April 3, 2007
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Prof Gus Lease

Eminem: an American Icon, is he? Or is he not?

Eminem is one of the most if not the most talented rap artist to ever step up to the microphone. Although he may be one of the most talented rappers to ever perform, he is also one of the most controversial. Teenagers and young children seem to really enjoy Eminem 's lyrics but parents and the media are outraged. Eminem doesn 't hold his tongue for anyone. In America we are given the right to freedom of speech. He uses this to his advantage and says what he has to say and this is part of the problem that the media has with Eminem. So in this essay I will explain why Eminem is looked at as an American icon, or is he?
Marshall Mathers III (Eminem) was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 17, 1974, and throughout his childhood went back and forth between Kansas City and Detroit. He was raised by his mother Debbie Mathers-Briggs who was a single mother. Mathers never knew his father; however his mother claimed that the two of them were married at the Time of Mathers 's birth. Eminem then became irritated and frustrated because he kept moving from city to city and had very little time to make friends; instead Eminem began to really take interest in TV and reading books. He attended Lincoln Junior High School and Osborn High School, and began to really listen to rap music, LL Cool J in particular, who was a very popular rap artist at the time. During this time Mathers also made friends, and began to rap. He discovered he had talent and began challenging other Rappers in rap battles around the Detroit area. He began to do extremely well in rapping, but not in the classroom. Eminem failed the ninth grade and eventually dropped out of school before he could finish and receive his diploma. Mathers began to work, but at the same time he also worked on his lyrical skill, and very shortly became a huge star, not only because of his skill, but because he was

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