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In this poem Dickinson writes about the appearance of a person's face. This description of the face is insight for the person's attitude. A face lacking love or grace, a face without tenderness, gentleness, caring, or a heart. Dickinson expresses the sadness and gloominess in the person. A cloud has thundered and rained. This general- like face, with strength and sternness accompanies the hollow appearance. The strength of the face, being so hard and tough finds comfort with stones. Rocks and stones are hard to crush, and break. Used to skip, but old as time. Being old friends, from the past, they have met again. First time together, was their first encountering.

This face could've had a bad past, or a hurtful past. Being unloved and without care. Which could've led to this person having this stern and serious attitude. This face could represent a military leader, tyrant, or composer. The relationship between this person and stones could be how their face is of perfect composure to represent a bust. When we see a bust, we see the seriousness and the sometimes the grave coldness in its eyes. As though its face were made so it could later become a bust. Letting its legacy live on through the sculpting of its face.

Dickinson expresses a negative connotation through this poem. We see a dark deep side of a person. Probably describing her past love. The last two lines in the poem convey how this person was always a stone, a stern empty unloving being, and at the end this person became what it always was. Throughout the poem the speaker pulls across the same depressing tone. This person's personality was clearly defined only throughout its appearances. His attitude was solely determined on how he looked like on the outside.
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