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Biography of Emily Bronte
Emily Brontë was the middle of the three famous Brontë sisters who were novelists and poets. She wrote under the name Ellis Bell Emily grew up in a society which 'were wholly dependent on ourselves and each other, on books and study, for the enjoyments and occupations of life'.

They wrote tales, fantasies poems, journals and serial stories and brought out a monthly magazine, which Emily contributed to, although she was most famous for her novel Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights was her only novel, it was published in 1847, a year before her death of tuberculosis. Other editions of Wuthering Heights were later published.

Anne Brontë was born on the 17th January 1820 and in the April of that year the family moved to Haworth Parsonage. An unfortunate event took place on 15th September 1821, their mother died.
Emily Brontë went to school at Cowan Bridge School for daughters of the clergy. She joined her sisters, Maria, Elizabeth and Charlotte at this school on the 25th November 1824.
In 1844 Emily copies poetry into book titled 'Gondal Poems' and 'EJB'. In 1845 ( 30th June) Emily and Anne took a three day trip to York - a rare excursion away from home for Emily
Wuthering Heights was first published in 1847 with the author’s name given as Ellis Bell. Wuthering Heights was actually written by Emily Bronte, but she adopted a male alias as female authors rarely got published. Her work was praised for the imagination used, but criticised for its moral ambiguity. Wuthering Heights challenged Victorian ideals and this shocked its first critics. The fact that Emily Bronte felt the need to use a male alias is an indication of how she feared the public would receive her book. Wuthering Heights may be seen as shocking, as Bronte addresses many Victorian ideals with criticism. She does so with unusual characters with flaws and their amoral actions. For example, she challenges Victorian precept such as inequality...
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