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Females who have high record of formal schooling can enjoy more leisure time and females who have higher income can cover more expenses for higher level of leisure. 高学历女性享有较多的休闲时间,高收入女性能够支付较高水平的休闲花费。 Record of formal schooling is bronze , ability is silver, contacts are gold, thinking is ace. 学历是铜牌,能力是银牌,人脉是金牌,思维是王牌。 Life is like a field:In the first half, according to the record of formal schooling, position, performance, the wealth, than to rise; 人生如赛场:上半场按学历、职位、业绩、财富,比上升; Conclusions Requirement rate of health education in hospitalization in retired military officers was correlated with age, record of formal schooling, and nature of disease. 结论军队离退休住院干部接受健康教育的需求率与年龄、文化程度、疾病性质有关; With comparable record of formal schooling;

The Yam style of painting got its name from the fact that it featured much curvier figures that actually resemble the vegetable called a yam, which is similar to a sweet potato. Yam石画风格因为其更加突出曲线形态而得名。这种曲线形态实际上有点像一种叫甘薯的蔬菜,类似于甘甜的土豆。本句中含有同位语从句。 New grads have a huge advantage over experienced people: They don’t know the problem you need solved can’t be solved. 刚毕业的学生与有经验的人相比,有一个巨大的优势:他们不知道你要解决的问题无法被解决。 Her unselfish act reflects well on her upbringing.

她的大公无私行为充分体现出她受过良好的教养。 Their trademark dish is the churro, a long waffle-like stick of savory fried dough, eaten dunked into very thick bittersweet hot chocolate. 传统的食物是巧克力油条,一种香喷喷的油炸的面食,蘸着浓郁的热巧克力食用。 Yellow is an unstable and spontaneous color, so avoid using yellow if you want to suggest stability and safety. 黄色是不稳定且自发的颜色,所以如果你想暗示稳定性和安全性,应避免使用黄色。 There was unrestrained joy on the faces of the people.

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.成功不是自燃的结果。你必须为自己点火。 "This body type faces two challenges: those of both a petite woman and a curvier or full-figured woman," Sam Saboura, fashion guru and "My Body, My Style" host, tells Style List. “这种体形面临着双重的挑战:既要面对一个娇小女士的烦恼,又要面对一个肥胖女士的烦恼。” ——时装大师,“我型我秀”节目主持人山姆.萨波拉告诉Style List。 Consider...
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