Emic and Etic

Topics: Rhetoric, Psychology, Emotion Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Part 1.

I believe that the major difference between the speeches were that Brutus was forward and told everything in one big piece. His speech was more complex and he got a certain point across to the crowd. In my opinion was quite ignorant and rude. Brutus addressed the crowd with an inferior tone. Brutus’ speech was also in a lecture form. On the other hand, Antony’s speech was kind, humble, and formal. (Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage)He addressed the crowd as an equal. He didn’t look down on the crowd; he simply treated them as friends. Antony also paused at certain times, hoping for feedback from his audience. His speech was in a poetic form of speech; slowly and intriguing. He wanted to get his speech across; making sure every person in the crowd would understand him. Antony used reverse psychology and emotional exploitation. Antony made it clear that if they chose Brutus, there would be serious problems, financially and emotionally.(For Brutus is an honorable man;(90)  So are they all, all honorable men—) 

Part 2.

I think that Antony’s speech was more persuasive because he didn’t look down on the crowd, he treated them with fairness. Brutus only wishes to express his reasoning. Brutus does not attempt to persuade the crowd; instead, he actually announces he will kill himself if they wish it. Antony used genuine appeal, and true emotions. I firmly believe that Antony handled the appeal to emotion better because his emotions were genuine and true. Who wants a leader that shows fake emotions all the time? I think that Antony did a superb job and personally, I would have chosen him as well. The appeals Brutus used were forceful and demeaning thoughts. His appeals to reason were forceful and not genuine. Antony used his feelings to reason with the crowd. The crowd was able to lean towards Anthony because of the genuine statements. I felt that both used excellent reasoning skills in their speech, but I felt Brutus won by a landslide....
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