emerging trends in the insurance industry

Topics: Insurance, Disability insurance, Risk Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: March 24, 2014

EMERGING TRENDS IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY. Illness or getting hurt comes with myriads of challenges to individuals on some paying jobs. The consequent monetary implications are often dire. Various ways have been suggested to assist in mitigating against any resultant financial implications This may be very costly especially for Advertising professionals and Anesthesiologists .Fortunately, insurance firms have come up with policy covers that take into account the financial needs of such professionals. Disability insurance is designed protects the potential policyholders from risks of financial loss while on duty. Some packages of the same cover have provisions for more promising future benefits. With disability insurance, a professional is in full command of their future (Chturvedi, 2012). It is however important to bring some key issues about disability insurance to light. A lot of emphasis will on Disability insurance for Anesthesiologists and Advertising Professionals. The first issue is on the insurer’s financial capacity. This is what gives the potential policy holder but a glimpse on the insurance company’s ability. It equips one with the knowledge and hope for a brighter future when it comes to claiming of benefits. This should top the list of one’s priorities when deciding on the insurance firm to do business with (Brinda, 2014). Some insurance companies are better placed financially compared to others. The length of a given term period is sufficient to give some clue on the company’s financial capability. The next issue is on job type and classification. For both the advertising professionals and anesthesiologists, it is very critical that one chooses a policy that is specific to the particular job. This will give the potential policyholder guaranteed benefits in the event of an insured risk. On job classification, an individual should choose on a cover that will meet specific demands and expectations (J.Crocker, 2013)....

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