Emerging Trends in Retailing Industry

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“Emerging trends in retailing”

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Emerging trends in retailing


The term "Retailing" refers to any activity that involves a sale to an individual customer.The essence of retail marketing is developing merchandise and services that satisfy specific needs of customers, and supplying them at prices that will yield profits. India has witnessed a frenetic pace of retail development over the past five years. Goldman Sachs has estimated that the Indian Economic growth could actually exceed that of China by 2015. It is believed that the Country has potential to deliver the faster growth over the next 50 years. (1) As we all know that India has been a nation of Dukandars, having – approximately 12 million retailers. Obviously retailing is in our blood – either as a shopkeeper or as a shopper. The Indian Retail market is estimated to grow from the current US $ 330 billion to US $ 427 billion by 2010 & U. S. $ 637 by 2015. Retail which contributes 10% of our GDP is the largest source of employment after agriculture. Despite the huge size of the industry, only 8% of the country's population is engaged in retailing while that in United States of America it is 20%. The positive factor such as increased purchasing power, rise in number of double income families and demanding customers, due to change in life style and paucity of time, customers are increasingly looking for convenience. To woo the customers to the store retailers are providing a wide product range, quality and value for money, apart from creating a memorable shopping experience. To Woo the customer to the store retailers are providing a wide range of product, Quality,and value for money, apart from creating a memorable shopping...
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