Emerging Technology and e-business

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Emerging Technology and e-Business

Emerging Technology and e-Business
The methodology of doing business has greatly been affected by the emerging technology for the last two decades. Business organizations are forced to adopt new technology in one way or the other in order to cope up with the dynamic customer and industry requirements. The most influential technology is the information and communication technology, which has seen business organizations diver their modes of conducting business from the traditional local based system to computer and internet based information seekers. It is arguable that the advent of computer and internet has changed the role of information in business, and has increasingly affected the supply chain management (Moore, 2000).

The principles of supply chain management (SCM) have been affected by the emerging information and communication technology in various ways, diverting the traditional methods of conducting business, and providing a platform for sharing information from supply to the market place (Moore, 2000). In modern times suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers all have an access to vital information on the industry created by the internet technology, and it has therefore become easy to track the flow chain through these stages (Moore, 2000).

The customer is the most important requirement for any business organization. For a business to make profits, which is the ultimate aim of any business organization, there must be customers who purchase its products and services. In the SCM, business organizations have greatly turned to the internet technology in an effort to reach out for the larger worldwide pool of customers. The technology has created a large pool of customers on the worldwide basis, and has become a very important advertisement tool. This has resulted into a situation of increasing competitiveness between business organizations, with each trying as...

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