Emerging Technologies in Business Project Report

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Electronic commerce, Supply chain management Pages: 15 (3528 words) Published: April 21, 2015

Table of Contents
1. Introduction3
1.1 Background Study3
1.2. Objectives of Utilizing Technology4
2. Business Justification for Technological Implication5
A. E-Commerce for Order Tracking and Payment Processing:5
B. ERP for Business Automation:8
C. VoIP for Cost Effective Communication:11
3. Future Prospects for the Technology13
4. Conclusion14
5. References15

Table of Figures
Figure 1 : Logical Architecture of new System6
Figure 2 : Typical Network Architecture12
Figure 3 : Business Automation14
Figure 4 : Glaxo SmithKLine (GSK) Revenues Growh15

1. Introduction

After technological innovations and development in recent years, all the company realize the restructuring of business and re-planned the services and facilities to keep phase in global competition. They rely on computer based software solution system. All the companies have the tendency to automate full business process for faster service. Moreover, to achieve the full automation facility, companies are involved to develop specific functionality module to overcome several business issue. Now a day most entrepreneurs are using their own enterprise system in Local Area Network (LAN). These are mainly customized system to serve their business functionality.

This report focus on the most emerging technologies those are practiced in an industry to handle a large number of transactions and ensured customer satisfaction of an organization. The target of selecting such solution is provided faster business venture in all aspects. The improvement approaches are defined on the analysis of present available features of a business, current user demand and incorporating specific technological development procedures. It is enhanced by analyzing the various financial ratios, gross profits among others and company’s performance in a given period of time. 1.1 Background Study

GlaxoSmithKline Australia (GSKA) is the one of the largest distributors of Pharmaceutical products in Australia. GSKA expertise on Selling & Distribution and Supply Chain Management focus on business development and demand creation, approaching to a new era with the ICT. Email is the primary method for ordering & supply. About 90% of the employees work daily routing via Email and application HRM, File services and some in-house developed applications.

GSKA has six regional offices & five mega stores Island wide to cater for extensive geographic reach. It has newly employed 30 staff in headquarters situated in Melbourne which has several departments in addition to the regional offices such as Import/Logistic, IT, Management, HR and Finance.

GlaxoSmithKline has a wide variety of medicinal product for marketing. Every day this organization received diverse of orders on vaccine, prescription medicines, consumer healthcare products which difference in quantity and price from each other through email or conventional communication medium. The orders are committed within Australia along with different corner of the world. Each time GSKA faces order processing problem since the company does not offer any instant payment processing features through its website (http://www.gsk.com.au). Moreover, product ordering format is not same for all orders and some order request email is not appropriate, does not mention clearly the required quantity. As a result, GSKA authority finds a risk in existing order processing method through email request and suspicious activity in payment processing.

In order to deliver the goods efficiently, the ordering process takes account availability of goods at the supply department and the location of the supply department. Import department should have clear visibility of daily sales rate & stock, to maintain the continuous supply without delay and the customer satisfaction. The company wants an intelligence component tools and platform to...

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