Emerging Technologies

Topics: Information technology, Technology, Social media Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Emerging Technologies
Yulanda, S., Booker

A Paper Presented in Fulfillment
Of the Requirements of
IST5020 S01 Information Systems Fundamental
September, 2012


Before we begin to talk about what effects emerging technology has on today’s digital society we need to understand what digital society means. A digital society is the modern and progressive society that has formed as the result of the adoption and the integration of information and communication technologies in the home, at the work place, in the schools and for recreation (Information Technology Authority, 2012).

After doing research on emerging technologies on today’s digital society I found that there are several published articles discussing the effects that new technology has on human life and businesses. One article that I found talks about the drastic impact that technology has had on the way we do business today as to how we use to do business twenty years ago. Before we would have to conduct meetings face to face by traveling to the meeting place but now we can have meetings face to face and never have to leave the office or the city for that matter. When sending and receiving memo’s we would have to fax the memo or send it by mail years ago but today we have email. If we had to have a conference meeting with other companies each company would have to spend a great deal of money to get each employee or representative to the location of the conference meeting but today we have we conferencing with is much cheaper and you can have everyone in the meeting all at once (Business Knowledge Source.com, 2003-2010).

Another article I found was on the effect that emerging technology has on human life. We have become so reliable on technology that we are almost lost without it for example we can now do most of all if not all of our personal business online such as our banking, bill paying and talking with friends and relatives using e-mail and social media such as Facebook and...
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