Emergency Services Responses

Topics: Emergency management, Public safety, Ambulance Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: June 18, 2013
HOW DO EMERGENCY SERVICES COORDINATE THEIR RESPONSE IN A CRISIS SUCH AS BUSHFIRES? Emergency services can be defined as many different organisations that ensure public safety by addressing different emergencies. These different organisations can be the police, fire-fighters and ambulances, who respond to emergencies from heart attacks in homes to the raging severity of bushfires. These services pride themselves on efficient and quick responses but also community awareness, through planning and education, to ensuring communities are prepared. On top of it all, emergency services are there to prepare, respond and recover natural disasters that occur. When attending to a bushfire, all emergency services are available to respond, take care of those affected and act efficiently in controlling it, ensuring the least amount of damage is made. But to assist this process, Mitigation can be helpful. Alleviating the potential impact is ideal, but in the case of a bush fire may not always occur, so it is crucial to create community/public awareness through many education programs that emergency services (e.g. documents and safety videos provided or published by Australia’s states emergency services) can provide if in a location that is prone to bushfires or has previously been devastated by them. Therefore, assisting emergency services even further when it is time to effectively coordinating a successful and safe response to a bushfire. For emergency services to be successful, the people involved must be trained in the area of the response to act effectively. Within the team of responders, all must be fully trained to save lives and reduce the damage caused by the crisis also. It is up to emergency services to train their responders to develop a specific responding plan that outlines what to do and how to do it to effectively reduce the impact of the crisis and save as many people as possible. Successful participation in pre-disaster emergency planning can lead to...
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