Emergency Room Violence

Topics: Police, Crime, Hospital Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The Need for Increased Security

Presenter: Darlene Rose, Great South Hospital-Director of Quality

Purpose: To report on Emergency Department violence and describe the need for increased hospital security in the department.

Lack of security measures compromises the safety of the Great South employees and patients within the Emergency Department; fortunately, we can increase security presence and provide a safe environment. How this investigation was approached:

Collect and analyze crime data within the zip code and hospital setting (workplace violence) Interview security and emergency department employees’ feelings of department safety Analyze published information on crimes reported nurses and hospital security


Analysis of Area Crime and Workplace Violence Reports
Princes George’s county police district is the 29th largest force in the United States. Located across the DC border.
High volume of drug and alcohol abuse in area.
County Crime map illustrates burglary and theft is prevalent for this area Unplanned hospital visits bring violent patients and visitors to the Emergency Department Law enforcement utilizes the ED for criminal medical needs.

Visitors to the ED are anxious and impatient.
Types of Emergency Department Patients
Emergency department patients are unplanned visits and medical reasons vary Chronic illnesses
Emergent needs: injuries, sickness
Cannot see family doctor
Inadequate staffing the Emergency Department is common.
Increase of ED patients
Inadequate ED staffing numbers
The local Police Department presents violent patients to the ED for medical treatment Prisoners
Drug/alcohol abusers
Homicidal/Suicidal patients

Analysis of Security’s Role in the Hospital
Staffing for security is already inadequate
Poor attendance
Not enough trained staff.
Daily Duties for security prevent them from...
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