Emergency Response Plan

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Emergency Response Plan for Little Rock Arkansas
It is important that all members of a community and country prepare themselves in the event of a disaster or incident. The emergency response plans assign roles and responsibilities, maximizing human safety and preservation of property, minimize danger for everyone. Emergency response plans usually include key elements such as: specific procedures to respond to, mitigate and recover from emergencies; the chain of command in an emergency within the area and its links with local emergency response units; a communication protocol to ensure accurate and up to date information is provided to the campus community on a timely basis; and define roles and responsibilities for those assigned to respond in an emergency (Cohon 2007).
As different disasters require different levels of responsibilities and responses events are evaluated and the response is dictated appropriately in an emergency response plan (Cohen 2007). Little Rock Arkansas has an Emergency Management Division which is responsible for emergency preparedness and disaster planning, as well as coordinating efforts of multiple agencies during disaster response and recovery efforts. The EMD also operates and maintains the City’s Outdoor Warning System and also is responsible for the management of the City’s state and federal disaster preparedness (City of Little Rock 2005). The Emergency Management Division has prepared for emergencies such as: tornados, thunderstorms and lightning, winter storms, extreme heat, fire safety, floods, terrorist attacks and numerous other disasters and incidents. The city officials of Little Rock first take care of helping the members of the community prepare for disasters. As disasters can happen at any given time with little time to respond, preparation is necessary. The Little Rock Emergency Management Division reminds citizens that disasters could lead to evacuation, confinement to the house, loss of water, electricity, and telephone for days. The first step in preparing for an emergency is to have a family disaster preparation kit. The kit should include a number of supplies such as: water, food, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, emergency number list, support group (friends and family), non prescription drugs, tools and emergency supplies (City of Little Rock 2005).

The City of Little Rock has taken the suggestions from FEMA as the emergency response planning. In the event of dam failure the city of Little Rock suggest individuals plan ahead and know the risk. Knowing who owns and regulates the dam is the first step. Secondly, individuals must know the evacuation route and get out of harm’s way. The local, state, and federal officials are responsible for the safety of individuals and have mapped out evacuation routes and sandbags in the event of a flood. As for the amount of preparation the city of Little Rock and the state of Arkansas does very little as far as preparation. The number of emergency responders are limited and little to no mention of preparation is mentioned (FEMA 2006).

As for preparation and handling the threat or occurrence of a tornado, the city of Little Rock has a website with a link with facts about tornados and what to do before during an after a tornado. Areas to take shelter in the home are posted and so are the areas to abandon as soon as possible. The website also has a link which enables citizens to find areas of assistance after the tornado. Little mention of how law enforcement and other agencies prepare is made available (FEMA 2006).

During a heat emergency the city of Little Rock directs individuals to the FEMA website for safety tips during a heat emergency. Staying indoors or in public buildings, wearing a wide brimmed hat, eat well balanced but light meals and drink plenty of water. The procedures for law enforcement basically state certain agencies will provide water and emergency response in cases of health complications....

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