Emergency Procedure Plan Assignment

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Emergency Procedure Plan Assignment
Emergencies occur in many situations, it is important that the caregiver in any early childhood education situation be prepared to handle emergencies. Caregivers should avoid unnecessary emergencies by providing prevention and protection in the care environment but unfortunately emergencies can happen at any time when you have children in your care. At that moment, when you have done to prepare and what you do in reacting to the emergency can make all the difference. For this assignment, you will need to list 10 different types of emergencies that could occur in a preschool or child care environment - center or family child care. For each of those emergencies you will list a detailed, PROACTIVE AND REACTIVE step-by-step policy or plan that could be followed to deal with these emergencies. Organize your plan under the categories: Proactive and reactive. Each emergency must have 5 “step” or “policies” under each emergency. In addition, you should arrange your “steps” with the most necessary/vital first. The emergencies need to be emergencies typical for childcare centers, not elementary school. 10 different types of emergencies:

1.Fighting and Biting
2.Missing Child
4.Hurricane Plan
5.Hazardous Materials accidents
6.Flood Plan
7.Serious Injury or Illness
8.Power Failure
10.Earth Quake
1.Fighting and Biting


Teach children how to express angry feeling with their words. •Try to spend time alone with each child. Giving them positive attention. •Encourage positive behavior.
Set up a home-school communication system to regularly share progress or difficulties the students is experiencing. •Praise children when they play well together. Children love to receive praise, and this will encourage them to play well together. Saying, "I like the way you are sharing your toys with each other." Reactive:

Step in and remove the child from the situation.
Teach Kids that Fighting and Biting are wrong.
Teach your child to say “No!” to their peers instead of acting aggressively. •Isolates the child and gives her/him time to cool down.
Give parents advice on things they can do to help their child.

2.Missing Child


Keep front and side doors are locked at all times

Not let child left alone and children are accounted for at all times. •Teach children remember parent’s real name and phone number. •Take children’s pictures and make a file about children’s name, date of birth. •Build good relationship with children’s parents.

Quickly check all areas of the center and property.
The register is checked to make sure no other child has also gone. • If the child cannot be found, the police will be called immediately. •And then the child's parents or emergency contact person will be notified. •Keep calm and do not let the other children become anxious or worried.

3. Fire:
Purchase smoke alarms, have them installed correctly and keep them well maintained. •Create a fire escape plan with children together.
Teach Fire Safety Through Play.
Visits to the fire station, watching videos, and reading children’s books together also provide teachable moments for fire •Tell children never to go back in toys and teach children how to call 911. Reactive:

Get all children out of the house quickly and never go back inside. •Touch doors with the back of your hand before opening them. If the door is hot, use an alternative exit. • If clothes catch on fire, never run. “Stop, Drop, and Roll” to smother flames. •Role shall be taken at the meeting point to ensure all are safely evacuated. •Help children to stay calm.

4.Hurricane Plan:
The safe place designated by the Facility Director.
Emergency food and water
Know how to shut-off gas and water utilities at facility •Emergency evacuation bag


All children will be...
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