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Topics: Cost-benefit analysis, Risk, Management Pages: 3 (593 words) Published: July 9, 2014
Week 4 Graded Assignment Develop A Mitigation Plan
Shaun G. Firtell
Barry University

Developing a mitigation plan is the third of four phases in the FEMA guide Integrating Manmade Hazards Into Mitigation Planning. Having a mitigation plan does not mean that all hazards will be stopped or prevented nor does it suggest complete elimination of the damage or disruption caused by such incidents. Like natural hazards, manmade hazards such as terrorist threats are beyond our ability to control. Mitigation is not a quick fix but an approach to reduce the community's vulnerability in the long term. The first step is to develop the goals and objectives of the mitigation plan, this process should be the same whether dealing with natural or manmade hazards. Technological and terrorism disaster mitigation goals should be to protect lives and property, keep costs down for planning and one would hope damages to both private and public assets and keep any disruptions to the community and state such as commerce, education and law enforcement to a minimum. Step two is where we identify and prioritize mitigation actions, obviously one may have different choices and considerations depending on location both geographically and locally in terms of the community as well as historically. When a hurricane is approaching we can evacuate to safer areas but with a potential terrorist attack we have no idea when or where but we can assume certain areas and targets are more likely such as an industrial park or power station as opposed to a housing complex or shopping center. Mitigation strategy calls for creating a builty environment, toughening potential targets making them more difficult to access, damage or injure people in or around them. There are a myriad ways of hardening possible targets, from fences, cameras and guards to using landscaping to minimize concealment opportunities. This is an area where members of the planning team can brainstorm...
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