Emergency Management

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Emergency Management Plan
Main Ave Pharmacy

To establish a plan for the operation of the pharmacy when due to external events, the normal operation of the pharmacy is compromised, affecting its ability to deliver care to patients and provide for a safe environment for personnel.

To ensure appropriate staff response to a wide variety of emergencies for short-term management of patient care and personal safety. The type of assistance may vary or be nonexistent in a given area, thus it is ultimately the responsibility of the patient or significant other to understand their needs and to obtain any required assistance in the event of an emergency. In determining risk, there is a need to assess probability of event, impact (human, property and service) of event and preparation level for event. Emergency situations include, but are not limited to the following: 1) Natural hazards (ex: tornado, severe thunderstorm, blizzard, snowfall, ice storm, earthquake, temperature extremes). 2) Technological hazards (ex: electrical failure, gas shortage, communications failures, computer crash, transportation failure, etc.) 3) Human events (ex: workplace violence, security/theft, civil unrest, mass casualties, etc.) 4) Chemical/Biological events (ex: illness affecting significant number of patients and personnel, chemical spill, bio-terrorism, etc.) 5) Other (ex: fire etc.)

The decision to implement the emergency management plan shall be made by the owner, or the pharmacist-in-charge ( RPHIC), upon becoming aware of any emergency situation and they will be responsible for directing staff accordingly.

Once the decision has been made to implement the emergency management plan, the owner or the RPHIC will contact staff via pre-established; for example via cell phone or email. All employees will be expected to leave their cell phones and pagers on after an emergency has been declared. An urgent voicemail and/or text message...
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