Emergence of Locally Developed Mobile Apps in Nepal and Its Future Perspectives

Topics: Mobile phone, Personal digital assistant, Smartphone Pages: 25 (5791 words) Published: March 16, 2014
Research Paper on:
Emergence of Locally Developed Mobile Apps in Nepal and its Future Perspectives

Submitted to: Madhusudan Gautam
Research Methodology Professor
Kathmandu College of Management

Sesiliya Tuladhar
Erica Khati
Anjee Lakhey
Akchaya Chapagain
Sristi Siddhi Bajracharya

The Research Report of Mr. Akchaya Chapagain, Ms. Anjee Lakhey, Ms.Erica Khati, Mr. Prajwal Shrestha, Ms. Sesiliya Tuladhar and Ms. Sristi Siddhi Bajracharya is approved by the Examination Committee.

Mr. Madhusudhan Gautam
(Course Faculty)

Mr. Bishnu Raj Adhikari
( Principal)

Kathmandu College of Management
Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Chapter One- Introduction
1.1. Background
1.2. Problem Statement
1.3. Research Question
1.4. Nature and Objective of Research

2. Chapter Two– Literature Review
2.1. History of Mobile Apps
2.2. Uses of Mobile Apps
2.3. Study Area Descrption
2.3.1 ESewa
2.3.2 Nlocate
2.3.3 Young Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
2.3.4 Genesis
2.3.5 Smart phone users

3. Chapter Three– Methodology
3.1 Theoretical Framework
3.2 Conceptual Framework
3.2.1Interview with developers
3.2.2 Survey of mobile app users
3.2.3 Secondary data collection

3.3 Variable Description and their operational definition
3.4 Data
4. Chapter four- Results and Discussion
4.1 Users Data analysis
4.2 Developers Data Analysis
5. Chapter Five-Conclusion

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to people who have been very helpful throughout this whole research project. Firstly we would like to thank Mr.Madhusudan Gautam, our Research Methodology course instructor; who guided us through the process of development of this research project. We would also like to thank all the people at Young Innovations Pvt.Ltd and F1Soft involved in informal interactions with our team members and also for providing various information which proved to be instrumental for the analysis of internal environment and to access the Nepalese market scenario of mobile based applications. This page is specifically designed to note our appreciation of all friends and well-wishers who helped us and encouraged us throughout the report-making process. We are grateful to them all.

Sesiliya Tuladhar
Erica Khati
Anjee Lakhey
Prajwal Shrestha
Akchaya Chapagain
Sristi Siddhi Bajracharya

Executive Summary
Mobile application development is one of the fastest growing businesses because of the large number of smart phones being sold. This trend is also seen in Nepal, the import of smart phone has increased tremendously in past few years. There are different operating systems in smart phones. Android, IOS, Windows are some of the Operating System. In Nepal Android and IOS are most popular Operating systems (OS). Nowadays people prefer buying smart phones compared to other normal phones. Smart phone are capable of easy access to internet through wi-fi, 3G and 4G. Besides basic features of a phone people can multitask, send and receive mail from anywhere, play games and be online and many more. Mobile apps are the application that run on smart phones and other mobile devices were originally offered for general productivity and information retrieval, including email, calendar, contacts, and stock market and weather information. However, public demand and the availability of developer tools drove rapid expansion into other categories, such as mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, banking, order-tracking, and ticket purchases. Looking at the growing trend of use of smart phone and international mobile application by Nepali users, the developer saw the potential for locally developed mobile...
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