Emergence of Liquid Fund as a Prominent Option for Treasury Management Executive Summary

Topics: Mutual fund, Hedge fund, Investment Pages: 17 (4657 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Emergence of Liquid Fund as a Prominent Option for Treasury Management Executive Summary

All organisations maintain current accounts in banks to ensure prompt deposit and withdrawal of money, while the money in the current account does not fetch any return. With increase in competition and squeezing of profit margins, measures were required to utilize the money lying idle in the current account without hampering the prompt flow of money. Liquid funds provide the solution for utilization of the idle money in a tax effective way along with easy withdrawal and deposit of funds. An investor can invest money in this fund for any period of time, minimum being a day. The money is invested in call money market where the liquidity is very high along with a high safety of the principal. The objective of the project was to find out the viability of the Liquid Funds as a substitute to current account along with achieving of sales target. Principal Mutual Funds is a subsidiary of Fortune 500 Company, Principal Financial Group of USA, it started its operations in India in the year 2000 as an asset management company and it plans to venture in pension funds as and when the industry is open to private sector by the regulatory authorities. Institutions having idle cash are the potential investors; hence software companies were the most obvious prospects as they have a considerable time gap between the receipts and the payments. Cooperative societies are also a source for investments, as they require a higher safety of their principal amount and are also bound by the Cooperative Society Act. Companies from other fields who were likely to have surplus cash flow were also chosen. High Net Worth individuals were also considered as potential investors as they hold large amounts in liquid form before they invest it in a long term scheme or any suitable venture. Financial decisions are taken mainly by the Chief Financial Officer and sometimes the Chairman or the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation so they were contacted for the project. The treasury decisions are taken by all the companies at their head offices so the head offices of the companies had to be contacted. The Database of Principal Mutual Funds, the website of NASSCOM, Bangalore Yellow Pages, Bangalore Telephone Directory and personal contacts were used to find out the companies having their head offices in and around Bangalore. Almost hundred and fifty companies were contacted and meeting with officers of almost thirty companies was done. Regarding investments, the outcome was mixed as people still perceive banks to be safer than a mutual fund company; in some cases as per the company policies the investments were restricted only to banks. Companies preferred to invest in those funds which had a higher brand value along with a consistent high performance. As the representation was made to all the companies for the first time on behalf of Principal Mutual Funds it was not possible to attract investments from them in such a short period. Brand awareness for Principal mutual funds needs to be done. Aggressive direct marketing should be resorted to and cold calls should be made all around the year to compensate for low brand awareness. Established financial advisors should be appointed as distributors to forward the financial product.

The objective of the endeavour was to gauge the attractiveness of the Liquid Funds along with achievement of a sales target. Representation was to be made to the industry on behalf of Principal Mutual Funds to educate managers about the Liquid Fund, the other investment plans of the asset management company and to create awareness about the company and its alliance with Punjab National Bank, Vijaya bank and Indian Postal Services

Liquid Fund is treated as a substitute for the Current Account, so the institutes, organisations and individuals having surplus cash were the focus of the project. When there is...
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