Emergence of Civilization in India

Topics: Indus Valley Civilization, Aryan, Aryan race Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Juan Salinas
History 101
Chapter 2 summary

In chapter two I had read about the emergence of civilization in India and the Harappan society. Approximately four thousand years ago the Aryan people moved southward which were settled in central Asia before. India has and still is country of diversity the religions Buddhism and Hinduism started in India. Also India is home to some of the highest mountains on earth which are the Himalaya and Karakoram mountain ranges. The Harappan civilization shared some of the cultures of Nile valley and Mesopotamia. The people of Harappan civilization had lived in small villages and settled in small red mud-brick homes. The people of the harappan civilization were raised on mostly agriculture which meant that barley, wheat and rice were their only crops. They were also the first to work with cotton seeds. The Harappan people started a trading network with the country Sumer. They would exchange lumber and copper for textiles and foodstuffs these products were imported by ships but rarely by land. Although the Harappan civilization came to an end in 1500 b.c.e. which is still a mystery to this day. The remains of the Harappan civilization were later destroyed by the Aryans which who were nomads that came from the north. The Aryans had arrived there around the second millennium. They were also the first to invent the horse-drawn chariots which gave them an advantage with their lives. Than in 1500 and 1000 b.c.e. the Aryans moved to the northern part of India. The Aryan people were intelligent they managed to create their own writing system that was based on the Aramaic script. Most Aryan groups were led by a chief which than was called a raja or a “prince”. That’s why India is still known as a diversity country till this day.
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